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The Unseen University Cut-Out Book

Formats: Paperback.

The Unseen University sits in the centre of Discworld's greatest city, Ankh-Morpork. Some would say it is the very heart of the city. Ancient and magical, it is the home to the greatest library in the multiverse and the oldest building on the Discworld, the soaring Tower of Art.

Enjoy the challenge of making all seven buildings and seeing the complete Unseen University literally unfold before your eyes. Created in perfect detail by renowned illustrator and modelmaker, Alan Batley, from the original sculpture of the University by Discworld Artist Bernard Pearson.

With a foreword by Terry Pratchett.

Simple tools, patience, and a good pot of glue are all that is required to create this masterpiece.

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions throughout.

Not suitable for children.

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