Terry Pratchett Forced to Cancel Appearance

July 3rd, 2014

Dear Discworld Convention Attendees,

I have been putting off writing this little announcement for quite some time and on good days thought I wouldn’t have to write it at all.  However, it is with great reluctance that I have to tell you all that I will not be able to attend the upcoming UK Discworld Convention.  I am very sorry about this, but I have been dodging the effects of PCA and have been able to write for much longer than any of us ever thought possible, but now The Embuggerance is finally catching up with me, along with other age-related ailments.  I know people will have already made plans far in advance and some will be travelling a long way, but this is the first time ever that I have been unable to attend a UK convention and I really am very sorry.  They say time marches on, and it does, even though I have been running very fast to keep one step ahead of it.  I really was looking forward to seeing your smiley, happy faces.  Have fun everyone.  Yes, on this occasion, have lots of fun.

Terry Pratchett

Read the Guardian’s article on Sir Terry’s announcement.

Comments for: Terry Pratchett Forced to Cancel Appearance

  1. Peeter says:

    Sir Terry, I am a longtime fan of your works and it saddens me greatly to hear, that your health is declining further. Your books have always been a source of good laughs and as awkwardly as it may sound a source of guidance for me. Your work has brought so many good things into my life, and for that i would like to sincerely thank you. I would also like to give you a big manly hug(!) and wish you good luck in the fight against the Embuggerance.

  2. Bret says:

    Dear Terry,
    I am very saddened to read of your indisposition. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the opportunities you have given me through your books to laugh and cry and know the myriad wonderful worlds of your imagination. Please accept my thanks and admiration for all of the fruits of your imagination and your determination to carry on as far as you can. You have brought joy and inspiration to my life and many others, and you have our continuing gratitude.
    In thanks,

  3. Mike says:

    Hello Sir Terry.

    Sorry to hear the embuggarment is being a bit of a swine.
    We are currently going through a weird thing with my mother-in law , who thinks she’s in a hotel, luckily the services appear to be very good.

    As I am sure you know, Churchill was keen to tell us to
    ‘Keep buggering on’.. Please can you take some comfort in the fact that there are many people who hope you are as happy as you can be,

    Very best wishes man.

    Have you read A Winters Tale, . Not the play, the book by Mark Halpern. It’s pretty good..

    May your path be smooth..

    Cheers Big Tel.

    Many Thanks chap.

  4. Lauryn Rockliff says:

    I’m sorry you will not be able to attend.

  5. Schagné Venter says:

    Dear Sir,

    My sister created an Ankh-Morpork mod for her favourite game SIMS as she is a huge fan of Sir Pratchett’s work. She shared it freely on a share site for all fans and had a bit of help from some of them to complete it. She is too modest to present it to Sir Pratchett herself so I thought I would share it with you on her behalf. I hope you find some enjoyment in it and can recognise your wonderful characters and city-state in these creations. She would be absolutely pleased to know that this creation of hers gave you a smile because you’ve given her, and me, many, many hours of smiles with your work. http://calinselene.wordpress.com/ankh-morpork/

  6. Robert Paul says:

    Thx @ Terry!
    Discworld helps me and my Life!
    I write since 2005 rhymes…
    and now I know for what….

    the continue of the best Lifework in my Life!
    Terry Pratched….

    The name of my first Child is:

    “The Way of Modern Magic”

    the other Magic as the others
    and their dangeruses….

    with yor Magic i find my way
    at darkest hour in my life and anytime else , back!

    best greets from germany
    have great time on this side….

    And it is because of this perspective that Discworld and the Modern Magic continues to grow worldwide and to propagate the dream of Professor Dr. Terry P. at world heritage.

  7. Don Wentler says:

    I read a book quite a long time ago and I cannot remember if it was an anthology or a single novel. I remember that you, Mr. Pratchett were one of its authors or editor. One of the stories in it was about a man who discovered that by reciting a mathematical formula he could translate himself to a different time/space/reality. One of those was when he translates himself to the realm of Norse mythology and meets Thor. He is able to speak to Thor and understand him but does not know how because when he writes the word for man it has four characters instead of English’s three. Can you tell me the name of the book or the name of the author if it was not you?

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Ilan Shimony says:

    Sir Terry, I saw an astonishing TED talk about treating brain disorders by direct stimulation, by Dr. Andres M Lozano. Parhaps some hope may be gleaned this way?
    I wish you full recovery and well-being. Your work has been a major source of joy for me and my family ( I read my daughter “Where’s my cow” most nights).

  9. B Alex says:

    You are an amazing human being. Your books have taught me a lot about life, people, science, philosophy and the real magic we all have inside us that doesn’t go *twing*.

    I hope things get better and that you can continue to change lives and minds for many more years, but as you go from Can to Can’t, I just want to share the most simple yet profound lesson you have reminded me of…. (if I got it right)

    Omnes Quae Contendunt…


    You are loved and respected.

  10. Dr. John Maydak says:

    I have read all your books so many time I almost know them by heart, I need you around to write more to keep me going. My mother had Alzheimer’s in a severe form. If I can help(I trained at the Cleveland Clinic) please let me know. We need you around to keep the Librarian going.

  11. Brian Todd says:

    Thank you for existing and for brightening the world with your presence . To my mind you tower above Shakespeare and every other writer throughout history .Your understanding of drama , humour & the human condition puts them all to shame.

  12. Vlad says:

    Dear sir Terry Pratchett, I am writing to you from Russia, don’t you believe what they say, we don’t need the crisis in Ukraine, why? To us, this crisis needs in the United States, although what I mean? Not long finished reading the novel,”I’ll wear midnight” and was slightly disappointed, I really like Roland and I can’t understand why you’d marry them, because in the book you point out that they still love each other, other. Yes and I think that they complement each other. And finally the idea of Roland, he wanted to marry Tiffany, and she’d agreed. So why did you do differently?
    P.S If you want to answer, write me an email. Cool.mackarov2015@yandex.ru. And I want to ask you to write a book about Osovets Russian fortress during the first world war. And you still too early to die.
    With best wishes, Vlad Makarov, your only reader in the school number 12 in the town of spring.

  13. Neil Dupree says:


    You are truly one of my favorite authors. I hope you read these comments and know of the joy you bring to people like myself.

    Thank you for sharing your genius, humor, and insight with us all.

  14. Christina Freeman says:

    I am sorry to hear that the Embuggerance has stopped you from attending conventions. You are a big inspiration to me, and I would like to meet you in person if possible. I hope you keep well, keep fighting, and don’t let it beat you just yet. You have so much more that you can do, and all your fans are behind you to help you achieve that. You are more than just a writer, Sir Terry, you are a thinker and we need every single one of those we can get our hands on!

  15. Matthew Squire says:

    Mr Pratchett,
    Thankyou for offering escape from day to day life through the discworld. I flirted with your books as a teenager but i never found the time to give them a chance. Ironically it is your books for younger readers, (Nation & the Tiffany Aching series) that inspired me to return to the discworld and read on. Since then i have introduced my friend Les to the discworld and he is hooked. With any luck one day we will get to meet you, and say thankyou in person. In the meantime i’m halfway through Lords and Ladies second time round. All the best.

  16. Jim Hewlett says:

    Hang, as the Goblins say.

  17. Lisa says:

    Just reading a slip of the keyboard. Thank you for everything. Thinking of you x

  18. Barry Powell says:

    Sir Terry
    Wishing you well in your fight against The Embuggerance.

    My Mother is a keen fan of the discworld novels and is eagerly awaiting the next one.

    By the way, she’s 94

  19. Pat farrell says:

    Ive just read the dimbleby lecture on the case for assisted suicide and just want to say thank you humbly and fully and gratefully to terry for all he has done for words and humans in general thanks also for your courage terry bless you
    Pat ( a bit of a nanny og!)

  20. Debbie Solomon says:

    Dear Sir Terry,
    Just wanted to thank you for the Discworld. I have been in a Sam Vimes reread mode, but have moved on to Tiffany Aching. I just recommended the coach scene in AHOS as an antidote for someone feeling down. I’m also a big fan of Granny Weatherwax. Your characters are humorous, but also inspiring, like you. I was honored to meet you at World Con about 20 years ago, and I’m sorry that your health issues are keeping you from meeting fans now. I wish you the best.

  21. Clive Henson says:

    Very sorry to hear that the Embuggerance is finally catching up with you. I have enjoyed working with you. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with, even if it is just another loaf of bread.
    Best Wishes

  22. Frauke Arndt-Kunimoto says:

    Dear Sir Pratchett,

    I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to you for making “Choosing to Die”.
    My aunt has MS like Andrew in the film, and has been talking about going to Switzerland to die for some years now. I used to be against assisted dying, mostly because I love my aunt and would like her to be around for as long as possible. I also used to think something like “but isn’t there always some little hope for maybe just another little happy moment?”
    But your documentary has helped me make up my mind. I offered to accompany my aunt, to be with her when she decides it is the right time for her to go.
    I think without watching “Choosing to Die” (which I have seen four times already) I would not have been able to accept this as her decision. Also, by showing the “whole” process, I am now less afraid of it and feel like I am informed enough to be a witness. (Though I wish there was more support for accompanying relatives, even in advance. You know, at least some kind of information pamphlet…)
    Now I have trust in my aunt. I know that when she calls me up to catch a train to Switzerland, it will be the right time for her.

    My aunt first told me about your film. It worked as a tool for us, helping me face my fears and also my own needs.
    I think the film is wonderfully made. It helped me especially that you showed your feelings, carefully chose your words but also showed when it was not possible to say anything. Thank you.


  23. Adrian says:

    Excluding people I am directly related to, I can’t think of anybody who has made me as happy as you have and certainly not over so many years. I can clearly remember being passed a library copy of the Light Fantatstic, whose colophon knew only of The Colour Of Magic, some 25 years ago by a great friend. At the time I didn’t know how great. Since then I have sat in awe of Granny Weatherwax, seen Sam Vimes realise his true stature and substance and fallen in love with Susan and Tiffany and Tears Of The Mushroom. Nation got me through a breakdown. But really I’ve sat in awe of you, seen you realise your true stature and substance and, yes, fallen a little bit in love with every book. Thank you and all the best.

  24. Heike says:

    Dear Sir Pratchett, I am not “completely” into it, not that kind of a fan, but verry much close. I started reading your novels when a female friend lent me her german version of “Feet of Clay”… and later on I read quite a lot, in german, in english, sometimes both versions, old books and new ones. I went to my favourite book-shop to ask for the new one that was just published in english. ( I am proud, that I can manage those, because I get some of the puns and enjoy them more… even if the translations I read have been rather good and quite funny.) My favourites?: Good Omens and The Wee Free Men, but many others close by that ones….
    In my verry near surrounding there are people who I love and who got grave deseases during the last years. I don’t know what to tell you, Sir Pratchett, and I don’t dare to tell you a thing, but I would like to tell everybody who reads this: just carry on,this is not that simple, but inbetween all the necessities and all the bad luck, there will be good times, good luck whithin the bad luck, times to just carry on and times who bring unexpected happiness,… Time is passing, time is passing us, time will end for you and me personally, singulary, but as long as we have got time: love,love, love, …is all you need…. (beatles)…. and I do really know that we are not able to feel it all the times… but it is the best ( probably besides of owning a garden…but that teaches the same: necessity and love…)
    All my regards and all the best

  25. Markus Schmitz says:

    Dear Mr. Pratchett,

    you’ve written a long time ago that the Discworld behaves like a mirror for all the other worlds in the multiverse.
    In the beginning it was maybe just a joke about some kind of Lancre’ Army Knife. But you kept to that idea and the pictures you showed us in this mirror, called Discworld, began to affect my view of the world leading to a better understanding of myself and my environment.

    I’m very sure that a lot of your fans found guidance and wisdom in your creation, too. At least I did. You tought me about the multiverse, politics, religion and a lot of other stuff that teachers and priests would never speak of.

    I thank you for the Discworld and it’s magic that gave so much joy to all of us for such a long time.

    You’ll always be in our hearts and thoughts helping us to find our way through the multiversum and L-space.

    Farewell Sir Terry Pratchett,

    may all gods bless your immortal soul.

    We all hope to see you again when we have crossed the desert…

  26. carole says:

    Not sure this is the best place to leave this message, but I just wanted to thank you for the massive amount of pleasure your books gave to my son , he sadly died some seven years ago, I knew many of your funnier passages way before I read the whole book as he would laugh and read them outloud . Good memories , thanks again

  27. Ria says:

    Dear Sir Terry!

    I am writing to you all the way from South Africa. I am a huge fan and have read your books more than once. All of them.

    I have something fantastic to tell you! A friend of mine CROCHET a diskworld for me for Christmas. the World, the Elephants and the GREAT A’TUIN! I want to thank you for the greatest fantasy world anyone could have ever ask for. You are the best!

    Keep fighting and try running as fast as Rincewind!
    Lots of Love

  28. Bob Lidd says:

    I have enjoyed your books for many years since I first discovered Colour of Magic.
    We still have that copy.

    Please excuse me if this note is inappropriate.

    In 2007 I noticed that some of my cognitive faculties had deteriorated. I was relatively more confused and irritable and my short-term memory was quite unreliable. My ability to perform mental arithmetic was worse than it had been. My spatial relationships processing was also worse than it had been – I had difficulty navigating while driving and my driving deteriorated to the point that my wife considered it dangerous. I became lost in our usual supermarket as I could not remember where the margarines were. I had other symptoms as well including muscle and joint pain.

    These symptoms appeared after I had been prescribed the highest dosage of a quite strong statin drug to lower my cholesterol. Fortunately I noticed the symptoms as being odd and someone had the sense to question the side-effects of the statin. Once I stopped taking the statin, the symptoms went away. I now refuse to take statins which have those effects.

    I am writing this as I could not help noticing the similarity between what I read about your symptoms and my own experience. I read this week that you have had at least one stent inserted and you would have been almost certainly prescribed statins after that procedure.

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