Review: New Terry Pratchett Novel is a Series of Tubers

June 13th, 2012

Sir Terry Pratchett first came up with the idea of the Long Earth multiverse back in 1986. He set it aside to focus on Discworld. The 75 million copies sold of those wildly popular fantasy novels would indicate that this was a pretty good idea. Even the Queen of England agrees.

As uncomfortable as it is to admit, Sir Terry’s career is drawing to a close. Before he makes his appointment with the tall, thin chap WHO TALKS A BIT LIKE THIS, there’s time to dust off old projects. The Long Earth is a brilliant Science Fiction collaboration with Stephen Baxter: a love letter to all Pratchett fans, readers, and lovers of wonder everywhere.

From here on out the main body of this review will contain spoilers *1, but nothing you wouldn’t get from the first 50 pages of this short but highly concentrated novel. Pratchett’s hallmark humor abounds, but this is nowhere near the level of Anhk-Morpork wackiness. There are no footnotes, but the text may contain trolls and elves *2.

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Comments for: Review: New Terry Pratchett Novel is a Series of Tubers

  1. Susan Ward says:

    I recently started “The Long Earth” and imagine my dismay when I get to page 180 and it skips to page 213! Has anyone else reported this problem? Is there any way I can get the missing pages without buying another book?